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Objectives & Key Results for Teams of any size

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Work like these companies and use OKRs to succeed


Why Objectives & Key Results?

Making OKRs a central part of your organisation will change the way you work in a fundamental way. You'll join the ranks of Google, LinkedIn and many other industry leaders.

GoalPath gives you a toolkit to power this way of working and also provides an optional workflow framework to go with it.

Read more about OKR backgrounds in the white paper or simply get started now.


Straight from strategy to daily tasks

GoalPath is the only platform that connects strategy directly to the day-to-day tasks that need to be performed to achieve the Objectives & Key Results. This means your entire organisation is completely strategically aligned. Every single day.

You don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do. You hire the smartest people possible to tell YOU what to do.
— Steve Jobs

Everyone is involved 

Strategy should be set across the organisation. By aligning OKRs and setting priorities you'll optimise the results for the company.

Even during the quarter the process allows adjustments and re-alignment without losing track of the top-level goals. This is what makes Workflow unique.

Introducing: Workflow

A way to embed OKRs into the way you work. Designed for GoalPath

Go and get started

Changing the work-culture within any organisation can be quite a daunting task. Fortunately OKRs are very low barrier. 

Often the best thing to do is to simply start applying them. Step by step. First a trial quarter and then slowly spread it to the entire organisation. Of course best results will come when everyone applies the method, but there's no need to make this one central event.

So go ahead and get started. Even if it's just one goal set and achieved, you are already enjoying the benefits! 


Team Alignment

There's nothing quite like being part of a team that's aligned and focussed. Accomplish anything. Together.

“Go all in. OKRs need to become part of your company culture and DNA. New employees should be trained in the process, all OKRs should be public, and grade and progress reporting should be prioritized. That’s how the process becomes successful and sustainable.”
— John Doerr, Partner KPBC, Google
“Well-set OKRs can generate a 10x result. OKRs can drive focus and relentless execution, and in turn, those drive incredible results.”
— Kenton Kivestu, Zynga
“Effective leaders show how each person in the company can make a real difference when it comes to achieving high-level goals — every day and every quarter. So when you meet to define individual OKRs, make sure they support important company objectives in a tangible way to keep every employee engaged and motivated.”
— Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn