Strategy. OKR. Task. Done!

One integrated process to achieve operational excellence. 


Unchained team performance. Outperform any competitor.


Aligned Organization

Daily Progress Reports

Smash Goals!



a set of tools to make your team rock


Strategic Guidance

Write a quarterly Strategic Guidance message that outlines the goals for the organisation and then invite your team to setup the Objectives and Key Results to achieve those goals. Your team is empowered to move at lightning speed and make it happen.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Set Milestone or Metric based OKRs for the quarter and even break them down into Tasks. Everyone knows what to do and everyone can work together to reach the goals.



Spot potential opportunities immediately and tackle issues as they occur using an fully integrated cross-organisational process to capture them and make them immediately actionable for the right person.

Focused Meetings

Keep everyone in sync and on the right path using daily Check-in meetings, weekly Planning meetings and quarterly Strategy Meetings. All built into an easy to manage process, that even does the reporting automatically.


Integrated Responsibility & accountability



Invite internal and external team members to seamlessly work together on the OKRs of the existing timeframe. 




Use roles to map all the things your organisation handles and link them to the right people. Everyone is clear on responsibilities and the goals and objectives that are associated with the role. Signals are distributed to the right person automatically. Taking action can now just take seconds.



Every user can keep tabs on company developments using the Dashboard, no need for writing memos or other updates. Everyone is on the same page all the time.